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Monday, December 26, 2016

New Year, New Bees 50/50, New ways to win

Brentford FC Community Sports Trust are partnering with a new digital partner MatchPlus who will be modernising the way the Matchday Draw takes place. Re-vitalised from the old 50/50 draw, the new draw format provides a vital revenue stream of un-restricted income to the Brentford FC Community Sports Trust.

As of the Aston Villa match on January 31st the Matchday Draw will be known as Bees 50/50.

In addition to the familiar stadium sales, the partnership with MatchPlus will see the draw open-up to fans who cannot make it to Griffin Park on a matchday through the online facility. The online offering can be set-up to automatically enter supporters into every draw, or you can play on a match-by-match basis. This new digital offering allows every Bees fan across the country a chance to get in on an exciting part of matchday!

Fans will also now be able to ‘pay-by-card’ at the stadium with the Bees 50/50 sellers accepting contactless payments.  There will still be the option to pay by cash for fans who like things done the traditional way. To keep with the spirit of responsible play, ticket sales are only available to those Bees fans aged 16 and over.

One of the largest changes to the draw system will be the rolling total which will be seen on the screens around Griffin Park. As you purchase your tickets you will see the 50/50 total grow in real-time. This rolling total will also be displayed to the online players.

The 50/50 element is broken down to 50% of the income will be allocated to prize money for winners, with the other 50% split between the Trust and administration fees. The prize money will be split with 3 Main Prize winners each receiving 10% of all the money raised. There will then be numerous Supporter Prize winners sharing the remaining money. In short – the more people play, the greater the prize pot, the more winners we have!

MP5050 Main2

Un-restricted income is vital to the Community Sports Trust to provide a solid base for the work that we do. A majority of the funding that is generated is restricted to particular projects or linked to specific outcomes, and we need to ensure that money is spent in the best possible way. 

Un-restricted income provides a flexibility to deliver beyond the parameters that have been set.

The Community Sports Trust are celebrating their 30th Anniversary throughout 2017 and carry-out a wide range of projects throughout the local area. Starting from a small football-delivery based concept, the growth over 30 years has been substantial, and we now deliver multiple sports to children and adults alike. Utilising sport as a catalyst, the Trust has enabled participants from a variety of backgrounds to come together and achieve more. 

From a leading disability programme, working with carers, or elite player development, the Community Sports Trust has delivered over 5,300 sessions to over 8,750 people.

For more information please email Andrew Bell at Brentford FC CST: