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 What is Super Active Schools?

Super Active Schools is a Hounslow based initiative that encourages primary school children, across the borough, to become more active during school time. It marks an unprecedented partnership between Hounslow Council, Brentford FC Community Sports Trust and the sport’s organisation – Sport Impact

Super Active School’s objective is grounded in the current government guidelines of completing 60 minutes of exercise every day. With one in five children aged 4-5 identified as overweight or obese, the programme is committed to providing local children with an engaging and innovative exercise programme that enhances their wellbeing and impacts on their day to day learning.

What does the project involve?

What makes the project unique is that a free, bespoke ‘SuperActive Schools package’ is designed and tailored for each school. Strategic planning is at the heart of the project’s ethos; Sport Impact helps schools deliver a sustainable physical education strategy.

In practical terms, SuperActive Schools also offers a range of day-to-day initiatives:

  • Daily running programme – This programme was originally the brainchild of a headteacher from a Scottish primary school: it encourages pupils to participate in a ‘daily mile,’ and to run or walk for roughly fifteen minutes. Unlike P.E lessons, the ‘daily mile’ is completed in the pupils’ school uniforms and provides social interaction amongst classmates. So far, a staggering 3,500 children have completed the ‘daily mile’ in schools across Hounslow.


  • Super Active Club for the least active children – This initiative identifies pupils who have shown little interest in P.E lessons or any other physical activities. Delivered by a qualified coach at the Trust, these pupils join a free, 10-week ‘Super Active Schools Club,’ which offers ten exciting activities – stimulating their interest in sport and exercise. Dodgeball, dance and Ultimate Frisbee are just some of the classes on offer.


  • Parental engagement – parcel Play and Engage– Play and Engage is a weekly, 45-minute session between children and their parents/guardians. The aim is to develop the child’s confidence, listening skills and their ability to follow instructions. More importantly, these sessions will enhance the relationships between pupils, parents and the school.


  • Girls’ Active Clubs – This 12-week programme encourages a targeted group of girls to take control of their own physical activity. It places self-confidence at the heart of the initiative; using social interaction with friends to develop confidence in physical activity.


  • Leadership programmes and continued professional development – Super Active Schools offers bespoke sport and physical education training for teachers, which are tailored to the needs of each individual school.


What has the project achieved?

So far, SuperActive Schools has worked in partnership with 16 schools and has engaged with roughly 3,500 children.

The project has received widespread recognition amongst various schools and Councillors in the borough.

Councillor Samia Chaudhary, Cabinet Member for Green Policy and Leisure, said:

“Hounslow Council is committed to creating active, healthy communities, which is why the Council funded the first 18 months of the Super Active Schools programme.

“The programme ensures the time children spend at school is as active as possible. Being physically active then becomes part of a child’s daily routine – a pattern of behaviour which we hope will then continue into adult life”

Get involved

 If you think your school would benefit from the SuperActive Schools programme, please contact Neil Young on 020 8326 7048 or at