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Volunteering at Brentford FC Community Sports Trust

Back in 2010, Brentford FCCST launched its Volunteering Programme. The Volunteer Programme offers participants the chance to work on projects and events that provides them with professional experience of working in a nationally recognised, award-winning Community Sports Trust.

Here are some of the projects that Volunteers could be involved with:

  • Schools/Saturday Club Programme
  • Football Development Centre
  • Holiday Camps
  • Disability Programme
  • Mentoring
  • Young Carers
  • Events

People who enquire about our Volunteer Programme are invited to one of our Volunteer Meetings, which are held approximately every 4 months. These meetings provide potential new Volunteers with an overview of the work that the Trust does and tells them in more depth about many of the projects that we deliver, and how Volunteers can help out on these projects. We will also give you information on the steps you need to take should you wish to become a Volunteer.

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Volunteer Recruitment

Brentford FC Community Sports Trust Volunteer Recruitment Evening

Brentford FC Community Sports Trust will be hosting its next volunteer recruitment evening at the Griffin Park Learning Zone at Griffin Park on Wednesday 24th May 2017. The evening is aimed at recruiting new volunteers to the Trust and showcasing the many projects that volunteers can potentially get involved in.

The evening will cover:

  • - Introduction and overview of the Trust
  • - New volunteer recruitment procedure, with information on the steps you will need to take should you wish to join us a volunteer.
  • - Short presentations from Brentford FC Community Sports Trust Project Managers, with information on how volunteers could be involved in their project.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, please book your place for the event with Volunteer Coordinator Chris Tribe on 0208 326 7030 or email