Connecting Generations

We would like you to write a letter that will be sent to a vulnerable or elderly Brentford FC fan, talking about about your experiences during the Covid-19 Lockdown. We want you to talk about your feelings, what activities you have been doing and your dreams and aspirations once things start to return back to normal.

Use the resources below to support and inspire you to create your letters.

Letter Writing Top Tips

  • Make sure that they are well written.
  • Lay out your letter using paragraphs. This makes it easier for the reader.
  • Think about to whom you are writing the letter. Use the right style of writing and language — formal or informal, business like or friendly.
  • Use the mindmaps below to think about any words or phrases that best describe your time at home since the COVID-19 Lockdown. This will help you think about what you want to say, ensuring that you do not forget anything!



Dreams and Aspirations

Submit Your Letter

  1. Use the resources above to create your letter.
  2. Type the letter on the PC (or ask someone to help you) and send the completed letter to (this must be done via a parent/guardian’s email address).
  3. Once we have received your letter, it will be sent to an elderly or vulnerable Bees fan.
  4. They will send their response (please be patient, this may take some time) to us, and we will forward onto your parent’s email.
  5. Repeat
Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, as soon as we can.